Nearly 50% of today's workforce are actively looking for another job. The cost to replace an employee costs a company about 1/2 to 2x their annual salary to replace them.  Employee Engagement, in today's competitive landscape is no longer optional.

Culture & Employee Engagement

Following COVID-19, the workforce is seeing record numbers of resignations in the workforce and record numbers of job vacancies that are difficult to fill.

Research indicates as many as 75%+ of employees are looking for work that helps them feel part of something bigger, helps them have a purpose, and where they are treated with respect.

If you are struggling with constant turnover or difficulty keeping your best employees, let us help you evaluate your culture and employee engagement and set you up for a winning team, culture and business!



Good engagement from your team is less about dollars and more about purpose, respect, opportunity to grow and management.  Employee engagement is essential to delivering good customer experience and that is essential to your growth (and in some cases survival) as a business!

By leveraging internal and external data, we will help identify areas within your organization that will help support a more effective employee engagement. 



Employee engagement and customer experience MUST be a commitment from the top down.  A shallow approach to "improve" scores without a commitment by every level of leadership will fail.

We will help you identify and implement leadership training, buy-in and strategic recommendations to ensure that employee and customer experience are central to your company culture.